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Target markets and applications

MPG - Anwendungen in Kraftwerken

MPG has maintained long-term business connections in several markets.

Our customers appreciate

  • the quality and reliability of our products and services,
  • our flexibility and speed,
  • our products developed for specific customer needs.

Partners of MPG are operating in the following markets and sectors:

  • Power plant and facility construction, desalination plants for sea water
       (condenser tubes, heat exchangers, transmission pipelines),
  • Automotive industry (piston pin bushings, tapered rings, synchronizing disks),
  • Shipbuilding (transmission pipelines in aggressive media),
  • Thermo-technical and air conditioning facilities (heat exchangers, etc.),
  • Instrument making,
  • International tube trade,
  • Processing.

We are proud of our large number of references and satisfied customers. In many cases MPG products are in use in technical facilities in which they are exposed to extreme conditions.